Dive the Magician to Farnsworth and West Catalina

  • Sunday, November 24, 2019
  • 5:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 22nd St landing, San Pedro

Channel Islands Dive Adventures has the Magician chartered for 3 single day trips to Farnsworth & West Catalina on Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019.

The plan is to board at 5:00 am or after 8:00 pm the night before and depart at 6:00 am with us getting back about 5:00 pm.

Farnsworth Bank is a large seamount consisting of several pinnacles and it is half a mile wide from east to west. It is situated five miles south from the back side of Catalina in the open ocean. It is therefore exposed to all weather conditions and can have strong currents at times. Farnsworth is an ecological reserve where purple hydrocoral at farnsworth bank. The purple hydrocoral is protected and the only hunting that is allowed is for pelagic fish. The shallowest area is about 55′-60′ deep and most of the dive is like a wall dive with lots of crevices where fish and some morays hang out among all the purple hydrocoral. If conditions are good we will stay and do two dives at Farnsworth before heading to another dive site.

Along with Farnsworth, the West end of Catalina and the backside of Catalina has some excellent dive sites and with all the kelp that is growing at them you just can’t go wrong. Some possible sites are Cape Cortez, Eagles Nest, Wild West and more.

Trip Details

Where: Farnsworth & West Catalina

Depart from: 22nd St landing, San Pedro

When: Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019

Time: Board at 5:00 am or after 8:00 pm the night before and depart at 6:00 am with us getting back about 5:00 pm Cost: $156 includes, 3 dives, lunch, snacks & air

This trip is best suited for Advanced divers and above that have experience in cold water conditions including; current, swell, kelp, possible limited visibility and possible deep water. Dive sites are to be determined by "BEST CONDITIONS" based on water visibility, tides, current, surge, swell and wind. Good buoyancy control and surface signal tubes are always recommended.

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