Dive the Peace to Santa Cruz, and AOW training

  • Saturday, September 23, 2017
  • 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Ventura Harbor

Dive the Peace Dive Boat, Santa Cruz Island.

Board after 8:00PM overnight Friday evening.
Departs at 7:00 am Saturday.

$140.00 per person.

This is an open boat. Click here to book directly with the Peace.

This will also be the first three of five dives for our AOW class; read on below;

We have an advanced class and a Nitrox class scheduled for this summer.

Advanced class requires no classroom work, only self study. Five dives are required for certification, deep and navigation (core dives) and three elective dives you can choose from a list of dives.

Some examples are peak performance buoyancy, fish identification, underwater naturalist, boat diver, search and recovery, night diver, wreck diver and a few more.

Since we can only do 3 training dives in one day, we will need to go out twice. The first dive day is scheduled for the 23rd of September on the Peace dive boat. You need to book now if you are planning on taking the classes.

The classroom session for the Nitrox class is scheduled for Saturday the 19 of August at 1000 am. The session will last 4-5 hours. No dives are required however I do prefer to make the first couple of dives with the students.

We will do the computer version of the class which means you will need to dive with a Nitrox computer. (you can rent one)

Nitrox dives will also be made on the 23rd of September.

Price for the advanced class is 115.00 (in addition to the cost of the Peace) and Nitrox is 129.00 all included. 

Questions: contact dive coordinators Dahlia or Greg

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